Duckmageddon, a great HTML5 and mobile duck hunting arcade game

Duckmageddon is a classical Nintendo's Duck Hunt revival. Having modern pace and humor, Duckmageddon is the game which will put your mind at rest while you shoot down gazillions of ascending ducks. Show the birds no mercy as the hunting season is open and the nearby pond is overpopulated by them. Two types of duck, male and female try to escape their fate of becoming your dinner. Watch out for the drakes, the male ducks, as they fly much faster and use more intricate trajectory. There is no level cap in the game, the only limit is your skills. The number of ducks per wave increases with each new level. The controls are simple: tap or click anywhere on the screen to shoot. Once you are out of ammo, tap on the ammo panel to the bottom right to reload your gun. Duckmageddon was developed using HTML5 technology, making it playable both on desktop and mobile devices.

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Duck Hunt was a popular light gun shooter game developed by Nintendo for the NES video game console. It was first published in Japan on April 21, 1984. The game appeared on the shelves of USA stores on October 18, 1985. It was as a launch game for the NES for the North America. The game was played using the NES Zapper to shoot all the ducks that appear on the TV. The birds flew up one or two at a time, and the player had just three shots to kill them. A reward of points was given upon killing each duck. If the player hunts the required number of ducks down in one round, he will advance to the next round; otherwise, the game comes to an end.

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